The Quirk: How Will The World End?

A couple of weeks ago I ran a competition on WordPress Forum to give me suggestions for blog topics.  The winner was Liana Merlo. Check out her blog here, Well done liana, you’ve won some minor exposure on a science blog! Liana wanted to know the most likely ways the world will end.  I thought I’d let The Quirk answer this one.

How the world will end is actually pretty mundane.  The Sun will eventually turn much of its hydrogen and helium supply into heavier elements. Once this has happened the sun will expand into a Red Giant, eventually growing large enough to burn the earth to cinders and eventually cause it to disintegrate and fall into the sun. YAWN! I think what Liana really wants to know is how the world as we know it will end. Here are a few of the possible theories:


Soon the rising sea will engulf us all, leaving us in a horrible Waterworld-esqe existence.  I haven’t seen that film, but its got Kevin Costner in it, so I can only imagine it is terrible. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gas emissions, and our only chance of survival is to stop driving/making stuff/buying stuff/thinking and hope it just goes away.

Destroy-ability: 9/10; start building your arks people


If its good enough to kill the dinosaurs, its good enough to kill us.  Step one a massive asteroid hits earth. Step two a huge mass of dust is sent into the atmosphere, blocking the sun. Step three the world is plunged into coldness, and we all freeze to death.  Actually, come to think of it, if this happens soon it will balance out all that pesky global warming.

Destroy-ability: 3/10; I‘ve seen that film Armageddon, everything worked out, except for Bruce Willis


Jesus comes back to earth and saves all the good souls, while the rest of us experience Hell on Earth.

Destroy-ability: 10/10 or 0/10; depends on your faith, you pick

So the smart money is on climate change to piss on our parade, but don’t discount other possibilities. Simon Cowell could use his increasing media influence to hypnotise us all Demon Headmaster style.  Obama’s health care reform could be passed, causing chaos by saving too many american’s lives. Immigrants (see The Daily Mail). Alien Invasion. Who knows?

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8 Responses to “The Quirk: How Will The World End?”

  1. lianamerlo Says:

    Thanks so much for answering my question! It definitely made me chuckle a few times, not that the end of the world is THAT hilarious.

    I’m banking on a pandemic. I’m not looking forward to that type of end, but as a hypochondriac, I’m convinced there will be some sort of incurable disease that makes people look horribly disfigured before they croak.

    But I asked you about the end of the world, not the end of humankind…

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  4. Seon Says:

    Fantastic post! I think the most exciting end we could have is the Rapture 🙂 so the bible thumping folks can beam “I told you so” while us sinners are carted off the the fire depths of hell.

  5. Pie Says:

    @Seon. But wouldn’t you have fun as you go down? An excellent post by the way Simple Sci-man and well done to Liana Merlo for suggesting it.

  6. jollof Says:

    I’m glad I read this 😀

  7. Seon Says:

    @Pie Yup intend to enjoy this hell on earth as much as I can before I get to the real thing 🙂

  8. Shanta Says:

    Your funny

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