About Simple Sci-Man

Science put simply.

Science and technology are forming an increasingly important role in the Human experience, from geopolitical issues like climate change to ethical issues sure as cloning.  Unfortunately the science isn’t always so easy to understand, hopefully Simple Sciman can help.  Each week I hope to dissect the pertinent issues in science adn put them in layman terms.  What’s really happening and why is it important?

I look forward to hearing from readers about issues they feel need discussing.

Oh the name, simple simon simple sci-man, geddit

My real my is James Campbell, originally from London, I am currently studying in Manchester. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


4 Responses to “About Simple Sci-Man”

  1. alpha1 Says:

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  2. alpha1 Says:

    btw ur blog is also quite interesting!!

  3. alpha1 Says:

    nyways we will be subscribing ur blog so that we can post”” öur -like “content from ur blog on our blog..

  4. freddieMaize Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Keep going. You ll get more readers. Good luck

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